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We offer comprehensive packages for pregnancy scanning, preparation for natural cover, artificial insemination (fresh and frozen semen) and embryo transfer alongside full advice and care of your mare throughout pregnancy and post foaling.

We are able to advise on pre-breeding checks and health requirements. Your mare will require a CEM swab and EVA blood test before being admitted to stud.

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We have several ultrasound machines to assess the stage of the mare’s cycle and to check for pregnancy.

We have the experience and the facilities to undertake both chilled and frozen semen AI. Details of our AI packages are given below.

We offer competitively priced packages, including the use of Fresh, Chilled, and Frozen Semen for both Natural Cover and Artificial Insemination of Mares.

Alternatively we are happy to accommodate arrangements for individual scanning and AI.

All these services can be carried out at your yard, saving for you and your horse all the stress of travelling.

As breeding your mare can be a daunting decision both economically and emotionally, we will be on hand to assist you all the way to make sure everything is under control, including your budget, and that all your questions are answered.

If you are thinking of using any of our equine reproductive services, please contact the practice so we can discuss your thoughts and get everything in place, well in advance of the covering/AI or collection date.

Remember, preparation and planning are of vital importance for a successful equine reproductive outcome.

Reproductive Services

Price (VAT incl)

AI Package for Fresh/Chilled Semen – Mare to be at Ashford Clinic or within 12 mile radius of Sevington


AI Package for Frozen Semen – Mare to be at Ashford Clinic from fourth day after Prostaglandin injection


Package includes per cycle:

  • Visits, rectal palpations and ultrasounds, pregnancy diagnosis on days 15 and 28, routine reproductive drugs (oxytocin, prostaglandins, induction of ovulation), artificial insemination.
  • Other diagnostics (such as uterine biopsies), treatments (such as twin reduction), and drugs (such as sedatives or antibiotics) are not included in the AI package and will therefore be charged additionally if required. We recommend that mares have a negative CEM (swab) and EVA (blood) test before insemination. This is also an additional cost.
  • All prices run from the first day of the mare’s season until the second scan. Payment is required BEFORE insemination.

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