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  • Equine Health Checks

We recommend a winter health examination for your horse. All horses and ponies will benefit, including veteran horses and competition horses who should be examined to make sure any issues that have occurred throughout the year are diagnosed and treated ensuring they are ready for competition season.

As the seasons change, keeping your horses’ routine healthcare checks up to date is important.  We offer a comprehensive check-up that includes examining the heart, lungs, skin, eyes and teeth. We will also analyse a blood sample and test a faecal sample for worms. The check-up also allows you to discuss any general concerns, should you have any. 

Learn about the equine health checks that we offer below.

Equine Winter Health Check 

As the seasons change, daylight decreases, grass stops growing and is replaced with snow and ice, horses are often worked less and stabled more, therefore it is crucial to manage your horse’s routine accordingly.

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Equine Pre-Season Health Checks

Get your horse ready for competition season with our full health check package.

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Equine Dental Checks

Routine dental examinations are an essential part of your horse’s health care. By undertaking regular examinations, severe, painful dental related problems can be minimised or prevented.

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Pre-breeing health check

Are you considering your mare for breeding? If so, then take advantage of our pre-breeding health check that ensures a thorough examination of your mares health ahead of the breeding season.

Our pre-season health check includes:

  • A clinical examination
  • A gynaelogical assessment
  • Ultrasound scan of uterus and ovaries
  • Clitoral swab for Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM)
  • Blood test for Equine Viral arteritis (EVA)

All for £160 including VAT. We can also offer this ‘with sedation’ for £199.

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