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  • Equine – Safe Autumn Riding in Kent
Autumn brings with it cooler temperatures, darker nights and many beautiful changes. Of course, most horses are tolerant of seasonal changes, but to ensure you remain safe, there are a few things you should consider over the coming months whilst in Kent.
Here are our five top tips of how to ride safely in the autumn and winter months:
Tip one: equip both you and your horse with fluorescent riding wear during the darker nights in Kent

Duller nights create an added danger when riding. You should always ensure both you and your horse wear fluorescent and reflective riding gear so you are visible to traffic and pedestrians.
Tip two: watch the weather!
Autumn and winter months bring with them a change in the weather. Mud, leaves, floods and ice can cause issues when riding as your horse may slip, which can lead to injuries for both yourself and your horse. Make sure your horse is equipped with the correct shoes and equipment.
Tip three: make sure you use the proper saddle
Making sure the saddle you’re using fits your horse properly is important, as an ill-fitting saddle can result in discomfort and behavioural problems while you are riding. Correct saddle-fitting can make all the difference to both you and your horse when it comes to comfort and safety.
Tip four: avoid riding on busy roads
The bright headlights from passing vehicles can be upsetting for horses and in reduced visibility, drivers may not be able to see you as easily.
Tip five: don't ride alone

Riding with a friend ensures you stay safe and means there is an extra pair of eyes when the light is poor.
Happy riding this autumn! For any further information or tips contact your local Milbourne Equine practice.