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  • Signs that your horse is showing affection

Horses are affectionate animals, once you know the signs it will be easy to notice when they show affection to those close to them.

Signs of affection towards humans

Follow instructions

When you have established yourself as a leader with your horse, they will start to show obedience and follow your instructions as a sign of respect towards you.

Come towards you when you are nearby

If a horse is grazing in a field and they come towards you when you are around you can be sure they like you.

Turn their heads towards you

Horses that follow your movements in their presence show they are focused on and give you 100% of their attention.

Follow you around

If your horse follows you around when they see you, they consider you as a friend.

Being relaxed around you

Once your horse has learnt to trust you, they will let their guard down and be relaxed in your presence.

Signs of affection towards other horses

Grooming and scratching

When a horse is comfortable with another horse, they will scratch and groom each other.

Air kissing

Horses that are familiar with each other will greet each other by rubbing noses and blowing air into each other’s nostrils.


A whinny is a signature sound that horses use to call their friends.

Sticking together

Horses will tend to graze and spend time together when they have formed a special bond with.

The next time you are out with your horse, look out for these signs of affection.