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Horse owners are being invited to take advantage of a castration clinic being held by a leading equine vet practice, as well as ensuring their animal is microchipped ahead of new laws which come into force this month.

Milbourn Equine, which has practices in Ashford, Hawkhurst, Canterbury and Rye – and now conducts equine visits to the Isle of Sheppey – will be holding the clinic at their Ashford branch on Monday, October 19, Where the vets are offering both standing and knock down colt castrations at a great price.

Jenny Lawrenson, equine manager at Milbourn, said: “Autumn is the perfect time to consider castration of colts. There are many benefits of castrating your horse, including behavioural and management reasons.

“We have run these clinics for a number of years and they have always been very popular.”

As part of the clinic held at Milbourn’s Ashford practice in Church Road, Sevington, vets will advise on the best procedure for horses, taking into consideration their temperament, size and age.

The vets are also able to carry out microchipping on horses during the clinics, which becomes a legal requirement this month. (October)

In addition, Milbourn will be holding a gastroscope clinic on Tuesday (October 6) at its Ashford practice, in which horse owners are invited to take their animals for investigation.

Milbourn’s Hawkhurst branch is offering their gastroscope clinic day on October 28th in Bodiam.

Gastric ulceration is common among the equine world, with recent studies showing 98 per cent of race horses and 53 per cent of leisure horses affected.

Symptoms to look out for include poor performance, changes in behaviour, weight loss and poor coat condition.

To book colts in on the castration clinic, or for more information about the gastroscope clinic or microchipping horses, call Milbourn Equine on 01233 500 505.