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  • World Heart Day - 29 September 2020

We celebrate World Heart Day today on 29 September 2020. This is the world’s biggest awareness-raising platform for cardiovascular disease (CVD) which is accountable for nearly half of all non-communicable disease deaths in humans.

Did you know that heart conditions affect our horses too?

In the first instance, if you have concerns that your horse has symptoms, please contact us for an examination.  Here are some of the signs to look out for…

  • Exercise intolerance and poor performance
  • Difficulty breathing or not being able to catch their breath
  • Coughing, especially during or after exercise or if they’re excited or stressed
  • Fluid accumulation under the skin of the chest, abdomen and limbs
  • Fluid accumulation within the abdomen
  • Weight loss

If you find your horse is showing any of the above symptoms, please make sure you speak to us straight away. Unfortunately, heart disease cannot be cured, however it can be managed. Contact us if you are concerned.