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  • Castration Clinic - 19th October 2020 - Ashford Branch

Autumn is the perfect time to consider castration of colts. There are many benefits of castrating your horse, for behavioral and management reasons, however, if you are planning to breed from your horse, then castration should not be considered.

Regarded as a routine surgical procedure, castration can be carried out with the colt standing, or under general anesthetic. Our vets will advise on the best procedure for your horse, taking into consideration their temperament, size, and age.

On Monday 19th October we will be holding a castration clinic at our Ashford Branch. The benefits of our castration clinic include:

  • The procedure is carried out in a controlled environment, and as an owner, you will not need to be directly involved in the procedure.
  • Significant savings on both standing castrations and castrations carried out under general anesthetic.
  • On the day we can also carry out microchipping, which becomes a legal requirement in October 2020. For more information on microchipping, click here.

Before contemplating this procedure, you should consider the following:

  • Horses and ponies need to be two years old or less to qualify for the offers available.
  • Both testicles must be present. (cryptorchids/ ‘rigs’ cannot be castrated under this offer)
  • The horse must be vaccinated against tetanus. If not, he will receive an anti-toxin injection at the time of castration at an additional cost. 
  • Horses will go home with pain relief and antibiotics at an additional cost.
  • A £50.00 deposit is required on booking due to the high demand for spaces and is non-refundable.
  • Full payment is due before the procedure is carried out.

Castration clinic prices and savings:

Standing Castration 

  • Normally £310.00
  • Clinic Day price £200.00
  • Savings £110.00

Castration under general anesthetic 

  • Normally £406.00
  • Clinic Day Price £230.00
  • Saving £176.00

To book your colt in on the castration clinic at our Ashford Branch on Monday 19th October, please call 01233500505.