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  • BozMerix

We are excited to introduce a brand new revolutionary supplement Boz Merix, to assist with orthopaedic comfort in horses and ponies of all ages and disciplines. BozMerix is not only totally natural but totally free from Prohibited Substances (FFPS) so completely safe to use in competition horses.

We have trialled this product on many horses (including our own) with great feedback. It is an outstanding supplement for horses being ridden regularly and particularly useful in horses:

  • suffering from stiffness
  • older horses
  • during intensive training or competition
  • during periods of rehabilitation

We find it highly palatable and especially helpful for long term use when hoping to avoid or reduce the amount of NSAIDs such as bute as it is kinder on the gut and is made up of totally natural anti inflammatory ingredients.

Bozmerix contains 4 key ingredients with no sugars or fillers and no prohibited substances

  • Curcumin longa (the active ingredient of turmeric)
  • Boswellia serrata
  • Avocado/soybean unsaponifiable (ASU)
  • Omega powder concentrate (high in EPA and DHA)

Curcumin is derived from Turmeric and has well documented anti-oxidant properties to support normal orthopaedic comfort. Standard turmeric unfortunately has very poor oral absorption and a low concentration of Curcumin (about 3%). BozMerix contains Curcumin that is 85 times more bio available.

Boswellia also has anti-inflammatory properties and appears to have a synergistic effect when fed in conjunction with Curcumin.

ASU has been shown in horses to increase production of glycosaminoglycans and assist with the maintenance of normal articular cartilage .

Omega powders (high in EPA and DHA)  have anti-inflammatory properties and help maintain the structural integrity of cell membranes and provide support for the maintenance of beneficial eicosanoids. BozMerix comes in an easy-to-use palatable sachet in boxes of 60 that lasts 2 months (at standard dose of 1 sachet daily). Milbourn Equine are also providing a loyalty scheme where you buy six and get one free.