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  • Equine Flu In Kent

New reported case of equine flu in Kent

We strongly advise all horses are vaccinated against equine
flu in order to prevent the spread of this debilitating disease. Please check
your horses vaccinations are up to date. If they have lapsed, they will need to
restart the course to build up their protection.

Below is the information from the latest report as well as a
map detailing the areas in the UK affected by flu.

Please also visit the Animal Health Trust website using the
link below for further information and regular updates.

''On 16th December 2019, Axiom confirmed an outbreak of EI on a premises in Kent. The laboratory confirmed case is an unvaccinated non-Thoroughbred that had been imported several days before developing clinical signs of pyrexia, coughing, nasal discharge and lethargy. There are 12 predominantly vaccinated direct in contacts and a total of around 40 horses on the premises and no additional cases have been reported so far. Voluntary movement restrictions have been implemented. The positive diagnosis was confirmed by PCR on a nasopharyngeal swab.''