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  • Does your horse have a sarcoid?

Sarcoids are the most common skin tumour in horses. If not treated effectively they can grow and/or spread and in extreme cases can end a horse’s athletic career.

Laser surgery is one of the best techniques for sarcoid removal and is usually completely curative. It uses a high intensity beam of light to cut around the growth, before leaving the resulting wound open (without stitches) to heal by itself. The procedure is carried out under standing sedation using local anaesthetic, and is usually very well tolerated by the patient.
On 21st January 2019 Milbourn Equine will be holding a special Sarcoid Clinic, where we will be offering laser surgery at discounted prices.

Horses will need to be dropped off at the Sevington practice in the morning and picked up later that day. Prices are detailed below and include all sedation, medications and stabling.

If you would like more information, or would like to book a place for your horse, please ring the Sevington practice (01233 500505).

1 sarcoid £400 + VAT
2 sarcoids £450 + VAT
3 or more sarcoids £500 + VAT