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  • Gastroscopy Clinics - Special Offer

Gastroscopy Clinics - Milbourn Equine offer twice monthly gastroscope clinics where you can book in to bring your horse along for a gastroscope at a reduced price.

How do I arrange for my horse to be Gastroscoped?

Horses must be starved prior to the procedure in order to ensure that the stomach is empty. In order to facilitate this it is possible to have your horse admitted to the clinic the day before the procedure (Ashford clinic only). To arrange an appointment or to discuss your horse’s symptoms with a vet please contact your local branch.

If you decide to admit your horse on the day of the procedure you must:

  • Give your horse their last feed at 6pm the night before
  • Stabled on inedible bedding
  • Remove hay and feed bucket after last feed
  • Water must be taken away as early as possible on the morning of the procedure
  • No hay net whilst travelling to the clinic

Please remember to bring your horse’s bridle with you when bringing your horse to the clinic.

 Gastroscopy Information Booklet

Clinic Gastroscope Days Special Offer

First Timers £200 including sedation for horses being scoped for the first time

£250 for all other horses

Please note: Any medication or hospitalisation if needed will be extra.

Scoping in your yard is also available by appointment – please ring for details.

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