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  • Equine Flu - 2 Cases confirmed in Kent.

Two confirmed cases of the equine flu virus have been recently diagnosed in Kent. This has been confirmed by the Animal Health Trust (AHT).


Please watch out for any signs of the flu virus in your horses, especially in those that are not fully vaccinated against equine flu. Signs to look out for are a raised temperature, a nasal discharge, a harsh dry cough, inappetance and your horse appearing to be generally unwell.

If you are concerned that your horse might be infected, we can check your horse and take swabs to test for the disease. The laboratory fee (only) for these swabs is free of charge from the AHT

Please check that all your horse, pony & donkey flu vaccinations are up to date. Vaccinated horses may still develop the infection, but are much less severely affected. If you would like your horse to be vaccinated or have any questions please contact your nearest clinic.

Ashford – 01233 500505 | Hawkhurst - 01580 752301 | Rye - 01797 222265