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  • Tiggi, Ten and a Tooth....

Veterinary surgeon Charlotte Maughan Jones and Head Nurse Kelly Keefe had a busy weekend recently after Ali Martin's horse Tiggi was found with a most unusual injury. Another horse, called Ten, seen in the first photograph with Tiggi is believed to be the culprit - investigations are ongoing!

Vet Charlotte was called out on a Sunday afternoon as her daughter noticed blood coming from Tiggi’s jaw. On closer inspection Charlotte found a wound, approximately 2 inches long with some foreign material poking out of it. Charlotte thought this to be wood after a fight with a fence post. With assistance from Head Nurse Kelly Keefe, they started to pull the material out of the wound, only to realise it was not wood, but (much to their horror) was in fact a tooth! 2 litres of sterile saline was flushed through the wound and then scanned to ensure there was not a further tooth within the wound. After these procedures were carried out, the wound was ready to be stitched up. A drain was placed in the wound to encourage any fluid that might form in that area to disperse via the drain, rather than through the wound. On inspection of the other horse Ten's teeth, it was noticed that a chunk of his canine tooth was missing. They had been playing a little too roughly this time. Tiggi is making a good recovery and Ten is learning to play ‘nicely’.