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  • Client evening 30th April 2014 at Sevington

Milbourn Equine’s Sevington clinic opened their doors on the evening of Wednesday 30th April for their first client talk this year. The evening’s topics were ‘Laminitis and Cushing’s’ presented by Tom Blacklock from pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim (manufacturer of many Equine drugs inc. Compagel, Buscopan, Prascend, Ventipulmin etc..).

The second part of the evening was a talk on ‘Equine Euthanasia’ by Milbourn Equine Director David McDonald BVM&S MRCVS.

photo 8

Over 30 clients attended the informative evening. Things were kicked off by Tom with a slide show demonstrating the hormonal causes, symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis of Laminitis & Cushing’s Disease. This included some quite disturbing images of the hoof coming away from the laminae in a situation where the pony was not treated. These images instigated a lot of questions.

This was followed by a short break to sample the delicious buffet and have a drink, stretch legs and get the pins & needles out of bottoms!!!

photo 3

Next David spoke about Euthanasia, never an easy subject, but it’s always better to be informed of the options should the worse happen. David explained how a horse would react whilst being put to sleep by lethal injection, a couple of clients were obviously a little unsettled, but David reassured them that the horse knew nothing about it as their heart stopped immediately, the alternative option of a gun was also discussed, again the subject raised a lot of questions which lead onto discussions covering the alternative disposal options.

photo 7

It was a very successful evening and the client feedback has been very good. Keep an eye out for details of the next one.