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  • Castration Clinic - 21st November Ashford

Now is the perfect time of year to castrate your colts…

20150311_162030Take advantage of this great reduced price offer of £168

Please call 01233 500505 to book




VERY IMPORTANT small print

  • Colts must be 2 years old or under and both testicles must be present and correct!
  • If unsure please book a zone visit and pre-castrate examination (£40) prior to the 21st November just to check
  • Colts must be vaccinated against tetanus. Any colt not covered for tetanus will have tetanus antitoxin administered on the day and this is NOT included in the offer price
  • A £50 non-refundable deposit is required when booking
  • A £30 charge will be added if your horse requires an anaesthetic
  • Most boys will need to go home with a short course of antibiotics and pain relief. These are NOT included in the offer price