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  • Equine Flu Awareness Month - April 2016

Milbourn Equine are pleased to be supporting Animal Health Trust and Merial's Equine Flu Awareness Month initiative.

Facebook logoDuring April we are offering the opportunity for all eligible horses to receive a discounted restart primary vaccination course, saving you 25%

Why not restart now, taking advantage of this great offer combined with one of our £10 Zone Visits for even better value! Call your local branch now to arrange a visit.


Snotty noseEquine flu is not spread by direct contact alone. It can travel more than 2km in the air and be passed on via tack or equipment, quickly spreading from an individual to the whole yard and beyond.

Clinical signs can be subtle, especially in horses with a history of vaccination. Horses presenting with as little as a low-grade cough and/or serous nasal discharge should arouse suspicion.

VERY IMPORTANT SMALL PRINT - This offer is open to all equines over 12 months of age that have not yet been vaccinated against equine influenza or are overdue a booster. 

Any visit fee must be borne by the horse owner.