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  • Tapeworm Saliva Test

We are pleased to launch the Equisal Tapeworm saliva test which complements the worm egg counts that we currently offer to provide a complete worming assessment for your horse.


Traditional worm counts do not detect tapeworm infestation and to date we have relied upon a blood test to detect the presence of tapeworms. The advantage of the Equisal test is that is performed on a swab of saliva taken from the horse’s mouth which is much quicker and less invasive than a blood test. The Equisal test has been shown to have very similar effectiveness as the blood test in detecting the presence of tapeworms.

The procedure is simple and full instructions are provided in the kit which is now available from us.  A swab is inserted into the mouth where the bit normally goes, then placed into a collection tube which is then posted to the laboratory by the owner for analysis. The result is returned to the practice and your vet will contact you with the result and advice for treatment if required.

The test is best carried out a minimum of four months after the last saliva test or tapeworm treatment and so we would recommend testing twice yearly in March & September. We recommend testing rather than blanket treatment for tapeworms to reduce the development of resistance to the medicines used to treat them.  The cost is £17.96 per horse.