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  • Body Condition Score (BCS)

When it’s time to talk about body weight it’s never easy. The health of our horses is strictly linked to their body condition.

Fat and obese animals are much more prone to develop diseases such as Laminitis, Equine metabolic syndrome, Lameness etc.

Emaciated animals are in danger of developing anaemia, protein loss and, in the worst case scenario, death.

Weight scales are great instruments that we can use to keep weight monitored and record improvements, we have scales at the clinic which is very useful, pop in and try it next time you come to visit us with your friend or book an appointment to weigh your pony.

Weight tapes are useful but not very accurate, ask one of our vets if you would like your pony to be measured.

We have to keep in mind that one horse may weigh more than another but it can overall be fatter, in fact we have to consider height and muscle-fat ratio (muscle is heavier than fat!).

Body condition score is a simple way to judge if your horse is emaciated, thin, fat, obese or hopefully in its best shape!

Refer to this website from Animal Health Trust for how the BCS works:

What can we do for you?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a professional opinion regarding your horse, pony or donkey BCS. We can discuss dietary management and advise you on how to control weight and reduce body fat.