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  • Tips for avoiding flies on horses

Flies - They are a horse owner's nightmare! Not only do they bite us, they bite our horses and leave horrible large lumps and cause much distress when the horse becomes severely itchy.

1. Try to avoid your horse being out during the times of fly activity – How about turning them out at night and bringing them into the stable during the day time.

2. Invest in a good insecticidal fly spray – We recommend a product called "Deosect". We are able to prescribe this to you without having to see your horse. It is available to purchase at all our branches. There are many commercial fly sprays available, some more successful than others, and we would always recommend using an insecticidal product.

3. Purchase a good fly rug to turn your horse out in, and a fly mask if they get bothered around their face.

4. Use a "show sheen" or "mane and tail conditioner" on your horse's body – as simple as it sounds, it can help prevent the flies successfully landing on your horse as it's coat is too shiny!

5. Use a citronella based gel or cream and place it on the base of the mane, base of the tail and on the underneath of your horse's belly. These are the common places that flies land. As well as being a great repellent, the greasiness of the product will help prevent the flies from landing and biting. The products "Equisalve" and "Nettex Itch Stop" are available to purchase from your local Milbourn Equine branch.

Hopefully these tips will help you and your horse avoid the worst of the fly damage this season.

Itchy horses can be extremely distressing to watch as they manically scratch themselves, and if you find yourself struggling to control it, then please call us, where we are always happy to help.

Please bear in mind that we require 24 hours notice for any drug or product orders, so that we can make sure we have it in stock for you to collect.