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  • Equine Insurance

There are a wide variety of horse insurance policies available.

To cover against:

  • theft or straying
  • public liability
  • death of the horse
  • veterinary fees
  • loss of use
  • theft of tack

Veterinary fees insurance policies can vary considerably and it is important to check the total sum available as some policies only have a £3,500 limit which may be insufficient for major surgeries, e.g. Colic.  Some policies will offer a higher excess in exchange for a lower premium and many offer cover for complementary therapies.

Loss of use cover protects against your horse being permanently incapable of the purpose for which it is insured. The policy will usually pay a percentage (50-100%) of the total sum insured when a horse is diagnosed with a condition from which it will not recover.

Cover is usually available from 30 days of age and many insurers now offer geriatric horse policies which may have reduced cover.  The level of premium will usually vary with the value of the horse, activities for which the horse is used and type of cover desired.  If our horse has had previous problems, eg: laminitis, then insurers are likely to exclude conditions relating to that pre-existing condition. It is important to remember that if your horse is treated for a condition that this may be excluded from future policies even if the insurers were not notified at the time.

We work with many insurers from the list below:

In summary, insurance allows some of the more modern expensive veterinary treatments to be performed in cases in which this may have otherwise not been possible. Insurance also provides protection against sudden death and third party liability. There are a variety of policies available and we recommend that you examine them all carefully before choosing the most suitable.