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  • Lameness

Lame horses are one of the most common presentations to us and a source of great frustration to their riders!

Lameness can vary from severe fractures or hoof abscesses to subtle problems causing a decrease in performance. Lame horses are initially examined to assess the level of lameness, and which leg(s) are affected. Palpation of the leg, hoof testers and flexion tests are used initially along with nerve blocks where necessary to localise the cause. Once the problem is localised, further investigations in the form of X-rays or ultrasound scans may be necessary.

Dependant upon the facilities available, many straight-forward lamenesses can be dealt with at your yard. However, complex cases benefit from being admitted to the clinic for an in depth assessment. We can offer the latest in digital X-ray and ultrasound equipment to provide high quality images.

Our consultants Dr David Platt, Matt Smith and Mark Murrell are available to assist with complex cases. Some horses may require referral for specialised tests such as scintigraphy (bone-scanning) or MRI but your vet will advise you if these are required.