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  • External Consultants at Milbourn Equine Vets in Kent and East Sussex


We are fortunate to have several orthopaedic surgeons who visit to perform a wide range of orthopaedic procedures including arthroscopy(keyhole surgery). They are also available to provide their expertise in complex lameness cases and can provide opinions on X-rays and scans.

  • Liz Barr BVMS PhD CertES Dip ECVS MRCVS - has an interest in surgery and arthroscopy and also second opinions on complicated lameness investigations.
  • Dr David Platt BVSc PhD CertVR DEO FRCVS - is an RCVS recognised specialist in equine surgery.
  • Matt Smith BVetMed Dipl. ECVS DEO MRCVS - has an interest in all areas of equine surgery, but with particular emphasis on orthopaedic surgery, and more specifically arthroscopy and fracture repair.

Advanced Dentistry

  • Rob Pascoe BVSc DipAVDC MRCVS

Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Dr Safia Barakzai BVSc MSc DESTS Dipl. ECVS FRCVS - Soft Tissue Surgery specialist including airways and also performs overground endoscopy for diagnosis of ‘wind problems’.
  • David Lloyd BVMS, CertES(Orth) DiplECVS MRCVS - European specialist in equine surgery and visits us to perform respiratory and other soft tissue surgeries as well as laser surgical procedures.


  • Karen Casswell BSc BVSc CertVOpthal MRCVS - has a post graduate qualification in ophthalmology and visits us to examine any complex ocular cases.


  • Dr Lesley Young BVSC PhD DipECEIM DVA DVC MRCVS - is an RCVS specialist in cardiology. Lesley has all portable equipment to assess all heart problems with horses.