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We offer a diverse range of options for any one of our veterinary team to examine your horse:

Examination at Clinic

You can bring your horse to one of our clinics at a set time to see a particular vet for any form of treatment from vaccination and teeth rasping to pre-purchase examinations or castration. Link


Routine Visit

You can make an appointment for a specific day and time with a specific vet at the yard your horse is kept.  Standard visit fees apply. Link


Zone Visit

A zone visit can be made for a vet to perform routine procedures on your horse at the yard your horse is kept on a specific day of the week depending on area of yard.  Specific times of visit and vet attending cannot be requested. Link


Emergency Visit

These, as expected, will always take priority over any non emergency call and we aim to always have sufficient vets available in order to respond quickly without too much disruption to existing calls.  A standard visit fee is applied to emergency visits during normal office hours.  Out of office hours a standard surcharge is applied to all visits. Link


Client Care


Small Animal Clinics