Milbourn equine vets Healthcare Plan

At Milbourn Equine we understand how important to you it is to give your horse or pony the best care possible.
We have developed our Healthcare Plan to allow you to spread the cost of that care through monthly direct debits that are convenient and also secure.
Our Equine Healthcare Plan is not insurance, instead it provides regular health & dental checks, vaccinations and worm egg counts.
Our plan is available for horses,ponies or donkeys from any age. 
Extra benefits include discount on selected products or services that you may require for your horse. You will also receive a FREE branded head collar and lead rope on signing up to our plan.
Milbourn Equine Healthcare Plan provides your horse with:
Visits and full clinical examinations* twice per year, including trot up to check:
General health
Heart and lungs
Skin and coat
Dental check
Body Condition Score
Microchip check
Passport check
*Includes one zone visit at time of vaccination and one full priced visit 6 months later. You may upgrade to two full priced visits by paying the difference for a full visit minus a zone visit
Annual Vaccinations for Equine Influenza and Tetanus, as needed
Membership of our Worming Programme (normal price £37) which gives at least 5 worm egg counts per year and advice
10% discount on*:

Primary vaccinations
Routine dental work, including sedation
Own brand supplements
Foot balance X-Rays
Tapeworm blood tests
Tapeworm saliva tests
Worming treatments

*(The above discounts can not be used in conjunction with other offers)


Additional benefits

Seasonal offers
Quarterly newsletters
Branded head collar and lead rope



All this for only £13.50 per month. For more information speak to one of our team today to find out how you can provide for your horse without the financial concerns.
To read our Equine Healthcare Plan brochure please click here
Our associated small animal branches, Cinque Ports Vets also have healthcare plans for dogs, cats and rabbits. Find out more here.


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