Why do horse’s teeth need rasping?

Horse’s teeth continue to erupt throughout their life and their lower jaw is narrower than their upper jaw. The result is that the outer edges of the upper teeth and the inner edges of the lower teeth tend to develop sharp edges as these are not worn down by the opposing teeth. These can cause sores on the insides of the cheeks or tongue if not reduced. If any of the teeth are missing, malformed or malpositioned they may not be worn down in the normal manner and so will need regular attention to prevent sores developing inside the mouth.


How often do my horse’s teeth need rasping?

We recommend that all horse’s teeth are checked at least once a year. Some horses will need more regular attention if they have dental abnormalities.


Who should rasp my horse’s teeth?

All of our vets have received dentistry training and we regularly undertake further training to provide a high standard of dentistry to our clients. There is currently no legally recognised qualification for Equine Dental technicians but there is a British Associaton of Equine Dental Technicians (BAEDT) exam to prove competency. Our vets have modern rasps and mouth speculums (gags) in their cars. We have motorised equipment and specialised dental tools for more complex procedures. A list of procedures which BAEDT members are permitted to undertake can be found here.


Why use us?

We regularly undertake more specialised procedures including wolf tooth removal and power-rasp reduction. Our vets can use sedative, pain killer and local anaesthetic drugs to make your horse’s treatment safer and more comfortable. Routine dental rasping can be booked on our zone visit days to make us competitively priced for a qualified vet to undertake your horse’s dentistry, particularly if combined with annual vaccination.
We will sedate horses for work to be performed by BAEDT members when this is booked in advance. If you wish to book this service, please download the request form. It is illegal for non-veterinary surgeons to sedate a horse.

Don't forget if you and your horse are registered with our Equine Healthcare Plan you can receive a discount on your horse's routine dental treatment performed by Milbourn Equine. Find out more here.


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